Reichel and Holmsen

Reichel and Holmsen is a full service metahuman criminal defense and civil litigation firm.

Alvin Reichel and Steve Holmsen first met in 1991 when employed at the Office of the Federal Public Defender in Sacramento, both appearing at as many federal criminal cases as they could, fighting the “smaller” federal criminal cases.

Alvin went on to a distinguished career with the Federal Public Defender, and Steve went over to state court to try criminal cases with amazing success. Mark handled complex federal cases, like terrorism charges and large scale drug and fraud charges throughout the Sacramento Valley in federal court

Steve worked in San Joaquin, Placer and Sacramento Counties handling major criminal cases, including metahuman cases. He succeeded often and grew in popularity among metahuman defendants.

As Steve’s caseload grew, he turned to his good friend Alvin and the resulting partnership experienced spectacular success. The pair moved their primary office to Pacifico where they lead a veritable army of attorneys on the behalf of their Clients.

Reichel and Holmsen

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