San FranPsycho


The San FranPsycho is a supercriminal who was very active in the San Francisco area during the 80’s and 90’s. He was a regular foe of the hero FlightTime.

Born Michael David Ries in 1968 in San Francisco, he realized his super abilities in 1986 during his high school final exams. The stress of the event triggered his latent metahuman powers and, unable to control them, he accidentally killed 17 other teens in the classroom.

The trauma of the experience further damaged Michael’s psyche. Prominent psychiatrists have opined that the damage to his mind impeded Michael’s ability to gain control over his powers.

Unable to control his abilities, Michael’s already damaged psyche shattered into insanity. Dubbed as the San FranPsycho by the press, Michael went on the first of his wild killing sprees.

He has been incarcerated numerous times and until recently resided in the Saint Christina Mental Hospital.

After his most recent escape, he battled the Eclipse and agents of the California Republic on the streets of San Francisco. He was captured by the Eclipse and is currently in the custody of MEDUSA.

Known Powers

Absorbtion: The Psycho can absorb Mental Acuity from surrounding beings. He then utilizes the gathered Intelligence in several ways:

  • A Mental Energy Blast
  • Waves of Terror
  • Telekinetic Manifestation
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Force Field Generation
  • Transmutation

Insane Strength and Willpower

San FranPsycho

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