The Sentinals are the original Government Sanctioned Hero Group working out of Center City. The team is currently missing following the completion of the Pirate Invasion having blasted off into space to deal with what they determined to be the root cause of the invading force.

The current roster of the Sentinals includes:

o Mister Fantastic/High Voltage/Short Circuit: A size changing superhero with a new persona for each height. His primary attack form was an electrical attack

o The Arachknight: A spider-powered hero with a devastating energy blast

o Kick Fight: A supremely talented martial artist that utilized a powered bo stick

o The Locust: A flying, armored hero most famous for his ability to absorb experience from all those around him

o Morning Star: A technological hero with flying, powered armor. He also utilized a technological morning star with numerous secondary attacks

o Shadowbolt: An insanely fast superhero that used the powers of darkness and lightning

In their absence, the Vanguard has taken over the Government Contract for the protection of the East Coast of the U.S.


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