The Starbucks are the Government Sanctioned team operating out of Seattle Washington – responsible for the protection of the Northwest states.

The Starbucks have a very similar history as the Vanguard. Following the Space Pirate Invasion, the Government Sanctioned team charged with the Northwest States (the Northwest Passage) was decimated. The membership of the Passage were killed defending against the pirates – the sole surviving member is Centrifuge.

During the invasion, the hero Vendetta came out of retirement to assist against the pirates. Following the defeat of the Pirates, MEDUSA contacted Vendetta and and asked him to stay out of retirement and take over the leadership of the new Seattle team. Vendetta agreed and along with his former sidekick Sparky began to assemble a team.

The naming rights to the team were sold to a corporate sponsor to help finance the team’s transportation needs. The Starbucks maintain an excellent relationship with the Seattle branch of GEMINI.

Current Membership

  • Vendetta: The leader of the Starbucks, Vendetta was a founding member of the Sentinals. At age 54, he takes more of an administrative role than an active role.
  • Sparky: In 1993, Vendetta took on a sidekick, Sparky. Sparky relocated to Seattle with Vendetta and now acts as the field commander of the Starbucks. He has the abilities to shrink and burst into flame. He is also an accomplished telepath.
  • Cadet: a new superhero that made his debut during the Pirate Invasion. The Cadet has Energy Powers and is able to control, absorb, and project various forms of energy
  • Conundrum: A former villain that accepted the Government Pardon as well as Vendetta’s invitation to join the team. Conundrum has reality warping powers.
  • Centrifuge: the sole surviving member of the Northwest Passage, Centrifuge has flight and superspeed powers.
  • Krakenward: an aquatic hero with a group of man-sized squidlike sidekicks

Subordinate Groups


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