Synthetic Memory Murders

During the first month, the Vanguard investigated a series of connected murders. All of the victims were killed by a different killer who remained at the scene in a comatose state. The murderers all were connected by a strange powder discovered in their nasal cavities. The powder was later discovered to be some kind of synthetic memory agent.

The Crimes:
  1. Bill Saks (Asst. D.A.) murdered by Sarah Ellis. Miss Ellis was a former patient at Hopewell Sanitarium. Saks was expertly vivisected with a scalpel
  2. Walter Frank (Court Reporter) murdered by Diana James. Miss James is a single mom struggling to support her two sons David and Micah. Frank was beaten to death with a replica of Kick Fight’s bo stick
  3. Senator Marvin Dennison MD murdered by Mavis Steele, the secretary to Dr. Charles Drake. The Senator was garotted.
  4. Angela Doan (CSI) murdered by Marvin Roundtree, the janitor at Hopewell. CSI Doan was killed using a sword – but was able to seriously batter Roundtree in the process (breaking his left arm, collarbone, and 4 ribs)
  5. Sgt. Harris Ralk, Homicide, was attacked by George Palmer, a pharmacist’s assistant in Seacaucus NY. Palmer was using advanced martial arts and was defeated by the Vanguard.
The Investigation

Following the death of Senator Dennison, Grey Mist was able to come up with a list of 5 cases that the three victims had a common thread with (as prosecutor, recorder, and judge).

  1. Frank Waverly : Murder May ’06: 20-year old drug dealer. Killed Reggie Young outside a nightclub on New Years Eve. Currently incarcerated at Center City Prison.
  2. Dr. Ivan Kolneziewski: Murder Sept. ’06: Former employee of Sysgen (Genetics tesing lab) – Killed 3 co-workers. Found guilty by reason of insanity. Incarcerated in Longwell Mental Institution (since moved to Hopewell in Seacaucus NY)
  3. Randall A. Trippler: Murder Feb. ’07: Professional Baseball player (Washington Senators) found guilty of kidnapping and shooting his estranged wife and her male escort. Also under investigation for drug-related offenses. Currently incarcerated in the New Jersey State Penitentiary
  4. Deborah Filer: Murder Aug. ’07: 42 year-old Chemist. Killed her ex-husband over a custody matter. Poisoned him over time with heavy metals. Currently serving life sentence at Center City Prison. Has two children in foster care – Thomas (16) and Samantha (13)
  5. Benjamin Apacolos (son of Doctor Apocalypse): Murder Nov. ’07: Serial Killer. Targeted single women and killed them by strangulation after assaulting them. Dubbed the Chesapeake Strangler by the press. Currently sitting on Death Row in the New Jersey State Penitentiary awaiting appeal.
The plot thickens…

The death of CSI Doan narrowed the case list to one: Dr. Ivan Kolneziewski – and also identified Sgt. Ralk as another possible target (allowing them to put him under guard and saving his life).

The team met with Dr. Kolneziewski in Hopewell. He told them how he worked on a development team at SysGen to develop Synthetic Memory. His team included, Dr. Lars Kopernik, Dr. Evan Pastor, and was headed by a man known only as ‘ Zed’.

Dr. Kolneziewski objected to the intended aim of the project for ethical reasons. Shortly after his objections, he was framed for the murder of his three colleagues – colleagues that happed to agree with him. He believes that he has been exposed to the synthetic memories and that they have unbalanced his mind. He could not (‘would not’) identify or describe Zed.

Not long after the interview, Dr. Kolneziewski called the Vanguard in a panic – saying that Zed was coming. By the time Vanguard was able to arrive on site, all that they were able to find was an unconscious sanitarium staff and a blood soaked cell. DNA tests on the blood were conclusive – it all came from Dr. Kolneziewski. His body was nowhere to be found.

Another Death

Subsequent events have revealed that Lars Lopernik was killed while inside his lab at GEMINI Boston. He was vivisected. It is unknown how the assailant infiltrated the highly secure building.

Zed Apprehended… and Killed

Zed turned himself in to the High Rollers in Las Vegas. The hero group turned him over to the Vanguard. While the Vanguard was investigating the threat of the Magic World, Zed (along with Wisp) was left in the custody of the U.S. Navy at their Academy. While at the Academy, Zed and a number of Navy Personel were killed by a mysterious assailant. The victims were all killed by a bladed weapon. It is unknown how the assailant got in and out of the Academy.

The Culprit

Following the attack on the hidden SWORD Base in NYC, it is revealed that Dr. Kolneziewski faked his death at the Sanitarium and is responsible for all of the deaths. He has used his synthetic memory invention to empower himself with skills beyond those of normal men.

He is currently at large.

Synthetic Memory Murders

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