Tim Lincoln

Sergeant Timothy Lincoln has been a police officer in California for over 31 years.

Prior to becoming a police officer he earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Saint Mary’s College in CA.

During his extensive law enforcement career he has worked in patrol, EOD/Bomb Squad, SWAT, Special Investigations, Bicycle Patrol, Operations Center, and is currently assigned to The Department of Homeland Security as the Eclipse liaison officer.

Sgt. Lincoln works closely with the Pacifico PD Marine Patrol, Pacifico Fire, and the US Coast Guard. He has attended numerous advanced courses such Hazardous Devices, Tactical Response School, Nuclear On-site Searcher, Heavy Duty Rescue, Confined Space Search and Rescue, Hazard Materials Specialist, and Underwater Hazardous Devices.

Sgt. Lincoln has previously taught courses involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as a CA POST certified instructor.

Tim Lincoln

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