White Fist

Deceased Hero


  • Erich Geoppinger


  • Mutant Power (p): increased strength
  • Heightened Speed (p)
  • Regeneration (p)
  • Darkness Control (p)
  • Heightened Agility (s)
  • Telekenesis (p)
  • Weakness: Claustrophobic


Evan Donnely was sickly as a child. Diagnosed with cancer at a young age, Evan spent many years in and out of the hospital. As the cancer spread through his small frame, his doctors put him in a series of test programs for new treatments. While these began to make a difference in the disease, they involved intramuscular injections and hours spent immobilized within small medical scanners. This was the start of Evan’s claustrophobia. Though painful and terrifying, the treatments worked – Evan grew healthier with each passing week and was finally pronounced cancer free on his 15th birthday. As a special treat, his Uncle gave him a Japanese katana for his birthday and promised to teach him the discipline to use it. Uncle Sammuel was true to his word and met with Evan each week for the next 3 years to teach him swordplay and to improve his natural agility.

Two days before Evan’s 18th birthday, he was walking through downtown Pacifico when there happened to be a solar eclipse. Fascinated by the eclipse, Evan was watching the sky amid a crowd of others on the street when there was some kind of a flash close by. No one was able to identify the cause of the flash as everyone was watching the eclipse but the flash caused the nearby streetlamp to burn out and 2 parked cars refused to start. Later that day, as Evan was arriving home, he began to feel sick. As he raced to his room to lay down, he realized that something was not quite right.

Whether his powers were caused by the flash, by the eclipse, or by the experimental treatments he had as a child he may never know. He suspects it may be a combination of factors. Whatever the cause, Evan believes that he was given his second chance for a reason and he isn’t going to waste it. He was happy to sign up when Medusa called.

He was killed by the villain Fracture.

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White Fist

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