Wild Boar

A long-time SWORD operative and arch-nemesis of the Sentinals, the Wild Boar is still active in the activities of SWORD and irritating the members of the Vanguard.

It has been determined that the Wild Boar is high up in the SWORD hierarchy as he has been referred to as ‘the Boss’ by a SWORD metahumnan operative. He has the authority to assemble and direct SWORD metahuman teams.

He has several known abilities:

  • Invisibility
  • Invulnerability
  • Psionic Power – Fear Generation: if the target does not save vs. his intelligence, he loses his next initiative phase action.

The Boar likes to hide out on the outskirts of battles wielding his psionic powers to aid the villains actually doing the fighting. He often runs away after being discovered. He had never been arrested or identified.

Following the attacks by Ivan Kohlneziewski and the Vanguard on the NYC SWORD base, he was arrested and sent to Sing Sing from which he subsequently escaped.

He was most recently encountered by the Eclipse taking part in a raid on an abandoned FORCE base.

He is currently at large

Wild Boar

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