Campaign History

‘The events of the ’Eclipse’ take place in a country very much like our own except with a rich history of heroes. The heroes of the Eclipse are the third group of heroes tasked with the protection of the innocent in this campaign setting.

Center City

The campaign began in 1988 with the heroes of the Sentinals. Based in Center City, these mighty heroes strode across the world through approximately 1992.

Following a long gaming hiatus, in 2009, the heroes of the Vanguard picked up where the Sentinals left off. They protected the citizens of Center City through 2011. Another player group active in the Center City Area during the same time period is the Liberty Force operating out of Richmond Virginia. Their paths crossed with the Vanguard’s on a regular basis and they often acted as Junior members of the Vanguard.

Any Vanguard players will find their primary campaign information on the Vanguard Page and their adventures are chronicled on the Adventure Log tab.


Beginning in 2012, the Current active player group (The Eclipse) began operations in the west coast metropolis Pacifico.

Players in the Pacifico group will find their adventures chronicled using the Adventure Log and Wiki buttons on the left.

The members of the Eclipse were recruited by MEDUSA to fill a superhero void on the West Coast. They operate under the jurisdiction of the High Rollers.

The Eclipse

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