Campaign Synopsis

‘Vanguard’ is a second-generation campaign based 10 years after the completion of the Sentinals Villains and Vigilantes Campaign that ran from 1988 through the mid-90’s.


The Current active player group (The Eclipse) operates in the west coast metropolis Pacifico.

Players in the Pacifico group will find their adventures chronicled using the Adventure Log and Wiki buttons above.

The members of the Eclipse were recruited by MEDUSA to fill a superhero void on the West Coast. They operate under the jurisdiction of the High Rollers.

Center City

The early action of the campaign revolved aroung the exploits of the Vanguard. The Vanguard is one of the new breed of Government Sanctioned Superhero groups. They are based in New York City following their eviction from Center City Maryland. The Vanguard is responsible for confronting super-natural beings and occurances on the East Coast of the United States.

The Vanguard replaces the former super hero team stationed in Center City: the Sentinals. Their inexperience in comparison to those storied heroes has led to very mixed reactions from the populace. It has been an uphill battle for positive public opinion.

Vanguard players will find their primary campaign information on the Vanguard Page and their adventures are chronicled on the Adventure Log tab.

Another player group active in the Center City Area is the Liberty Force located in Richmond Virginia. Their paths cross with the Vanguards’s on a regular basis and they often act as Junior members of the Vanguard.


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