The Eclipse

A FORCE to be Reckoned With

Don't Lose Your Head Over It

The heroes of the Eclipse work their way through the complex following Surge’s directions. They descend an elevator which opens into a long hallway leading to the hidden train station. The heroes burst out and surprise the villains that are desperately trying to evacuate the base.

The heroes easily defeat the assorted villains, capturing Coven, Death Shroud, and Photon. They also defeat the costumed Doctor Mayfair (The Force). To their dismay, when the final blow lands on the doctor, he immediately begins to decompose rapidly – Doctor Mayfair is a Bio-Android!

An unnoticed video monitor flares to life and the heroes see the FORCE, Figment, and Firebug. The FORCE monologues for several minutes while cursing the heroes for foiling his plan.

The heroes capture the various technicians and begin removing hard drives from all of the computer units on the train. Meanwhile, the Messenger scouts out the main exit to see if it is safe to leave that way. As he approaches the exit hallway, he hears a huge crash. Peeking through the door, he sees that a spaceship-style craft has been used to batter through the outer blast door. Seeing several combatants enter the base, he hurriedly returns to the rest of the group.

Unwilling to face the likely army of Bio-Androids on the other side of the tunnel, the heroes opt to make a stand in the train station. Within 45 minutes, the attacking force exits the elevator. The heroes are faced by Morningstar, Silent Rage, the Hawk, and the Headhunter.

The villains visit a tremendous amount of damage to the heroes, culminating in a mighty swing by the Headhunter which severs Surge’s head from his neck. At that moment, Aumakua chose to activate his power to heal the assembled heroes – bringing Surge back from the dead. The heroes are able to force Headhunter to flee, but capture the remaining 3 villains.



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