The Eclipse

Finishing Up in the Aztec Nation

The fights Continue

The heroes of the Eclipse stand around the defeated bodies of the two alien ‘gods’ and they immediately move forward with the ceremony.

Still Hammer and the Messenger join Juan, Isabella, and Necalli to imprison the magical beings.

Several things happen simultaneously:

1. Flower Power cries out that another armed force is approaching the city – a force that appears to be led by another ‘god’
2. Isabella gives Necalli a shocked look as she suddenly realizes that Xipe Totec is no longer imprisoned in the Mexican’s mind.
3. Necalli suddenly activates his magic absorption power – eliminating all magical abilities within the temple
4. Photon Wave calls out that someone is running up the stairs into the temple

Flower Power and FireBug exit the temple to separate the Aztec and Spanish armies in an attempt to preserve the timeline

A small group of priests burst into the temple, and with Necalli, attack the remaining heroes.

Necalli’s first action is to release the pent-up magic in a burst. As a result of the burst, the two ‘gods’ disappear and Juan is knocked comatose.

The heroes successfully defeat Necalli and the priests and they learn that Xipe Totec overwhelmed Necalli’s mind months ago and that Necalli has been unwillingly working for the aliens planing this since then.

Xipe Totec returned to the past while Necalli engineered the escape of the other 2 aliens from their confinement. Xipe Totec defeated the small force that Cortes sent to defeat Narvaez – and taking Narvaez’s place, went to Cuba to get more soldiers to defeat Cortes.

Looking from the top of the temple, the heroes see a small force of glowing Cubans advancing ahead of the main force – obviously heading to strike at Cortes.

The Eclipse defeats the force of enhanced Cubans – but at high cost – Still Hammer, the Valkyrie, and Iron Wind all lay unconscious and the remaining heroes are sorely wounded and exhausted.

Is It a Dream?

Still Hammer finds himself drifting and then approaching a torch-lit temple room. He arrives to find Juan and Necalli talking with the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl confirms that Necalli has been sorely used by the aliens and that Juan is on the razor’s edge between life and death.

He also says that the three aliens must be defeated here and now or all creation could be lost. Quetzalcoatl cannot, however, act directly and must instead act through agents. He offers Still Hammer the opportunity to act as the Aztec Champion – a role that will come with some sacrifice.

Still Hammer accepts and is given the mantle of Quetzalcoatl providing him with amazing powers including the power to heal his friends.

The Final Confrontation

Once healed by Still Hammer, the members of the Eclipse charge the approaching force. Still Hammer generates an illusory army of Aztec warriors to confront the Cubans while the Eclipse attacks the aliens.

A titanic struggle between the opposing forces erupts with tremendous damage dealt on both sides – but the heroes are victorious.

In the aftermath of the battle, Quetzalcoatl appears with the unconscious forms of Juan and Necalli and asks Still Hammer if he is ready to make his sacrifice. Quetzalcoatl places one hand upon Still Hammer’s brow and stretches his other hand towards the 3 aliens. A soft glow encompasses the area which grows steadily stronger until everyone is blinded by the glow. Then suddenly, the glow is gone and the heroes find themselves on a highway in Mexico City.

They return to the Oberon Building to discover that they have been gone from their own time less than 3 hours.

Coming Next….

The heroes begin the healing process along with the repair of Iron Wind’s armor and the charging of Photon Wave’s technological gear.

The Messenger remembers their deadline to locate Dr. Orson Mayfair is rapidly approaching and he begins research into the Church of Divine Ressurection and their complex.

He leaves a message on their phone system asking for information regarding one of their members.



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