The Eclipse

Season 1.1 Kickoff

Time to get your Aztec on!

While the Messenger, Iron Wind, and the FireBug raced to the University, Flower Power finds herself attacked by the members of the Revenants. She manages to stay on her feet until the other members of the Eclipse arrive and join the fight.

The heroes are successful in knocking out the Neanderthal – but Destikotheses and the Atlantean both manage to teleport out, and Bast slips invisibly away.

During the height of the fight, Toa Culcum appears with the fully formed Itztlacoliuhqui. The two of them disappear.

Meanwhile, Still Hammer has recovered from the attack. The group is amazed to discover that he can speak!

Jose and Isabella both run up and hug him. They reveal that they are familiar with Toa Culcum under a different name, Xiuhcoatl, and that when they last encountered him, he was responsible for an attempt to restore the Aztec Mexica Empire back to prominence.

MEDUSA arrives to take the Neanderthal into custody. A quick interrogation reveals two things. First: that Xiuhcoatl disappearing with a god was NOT a part of the plan. They were told that they could release magical energy from Still Hammer that would enhance their own abilities. Second: that he did not expect to stay captured for long because his partners would be quick to free him. Still hammer gives MEDUSA the odd Neural Dampener that was used on him for investigation.

Isabella demonstrates a limited healing ability.

The group debates for a while about where Xiuhcoatl and the god were likely to go next. Still Hammer reveals that there were two additional gods that were imprisoned in teh same way by two other hosts. The other hosts were hidden in Portugal and Brazil.

During the debate, Still Hammer is suddenly struck with a searing headache that drives him to his knees. The Messenger quickly accesses the internet and quickly discovers the blossoming story of an attack in Portugal. The two villains attacked a hospital emergency room where many were injured amd one was killed. A quick trip to Portugal reveals that the dead man is one of the other hosts: Eztli, the host imprisoning the god Huitzilopochtli.

The group immediately travels to Brasilia and search the hospital where they find the third host (Necalli) who is recovering from the effects of the attacks on both Still Hammer and Eztli. The Eclipse takes him from the hospital and then start bouncing randomly across the world trying to hide their location from Xiuhcoatl while still allowing them rest time to heal.

While hiding in Mississippi, the children detect a temporal flux and create a protective bubble to protect the gathered heroes from its effects. After the flux passed, it is discovered that the United States (along with the rest of the North and South hemispheres) has been transformed into an Aztec empire. Something in the past has been changed to alter the course of history.

The Eclipse travels to Greece where they discover that the rest of the world has been stopped at 16th century technology. Use of the libraries in Greece, the heroes were able to determine what they believe to be the altered event. In this timeline, Hernan Cortes and the Tlaxcalans were defeated by the Aztecs at the siege of Tenochtitlan.



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