The Eclipse

The Bank and the Hostage Situation

Well - these didn't go quite as planned...

Photon Wave and Still Hammer head to the Bank where they learn that a stunted dwarf with magnetic powers and a metahuman with ice powers entered the bank, ripped the vault door off of its hinges and chased the patrons and employees out. After bathing the area in darkness to hopefully draw out their initial responses, the pair of heroes burst through the front door. They enter battle with Gletscher, but there is no sign of his dwarfish companion. After a minute, Photon Wave spies the invisible Dokkalfar and attacks – causing the dwarf to flee. Following his companions’ exit, Gletscher surrenders. An audit of the bank contents reveals that the only thing taken is a safe deposit box registered to a Doctor Lee Delane.

Flower Power, the Valkyrie, and Surge head over to the hostage situation. They learn that an unknown number of metahumans are holding around a dozen hostages on the 37th and 38th floors. One winged metahuman has been seen circling the building at a great height. Surge in his astral form scouts the situation out and reports that there are 13 hostages (one badly beaten) being watched by Ba Da Boom on the 38th (top) floor while Granitor is in a nearby office on a ‘special’ phone. The 37th floor is empty of people, but has been obviously searched.

Surge leads the flying metahuman (Death Kite away from the building while Flower Power and the Valkyrie enter through the open skylight. A brief fight results in Ba Da Boom and Death Kite being knocked out while Granitor holds a hostage by the throat demanding that the heroes drop their weapons and retreat. The ladies comply, but Surge (unable to hear the demands) continues the attack. Granitor crushes the hostage’s neck and throws him at the Valkyrie (who catches and revives him).

Granitor is able to get her hands on the office manager and repeats her demands that the heroes vacate the premises. The ladies leave while Surge remains invisibly. Granitor gets back on the special phone – which Surge immediately shorts out. She then pulls out a cell phone and makes a call. MEDUSA agents outside are able to monitor the cell phone communication – the villainess is demanding a helicopter from Franklin Emerson.

A brief interval later, an Emerson corporate helicopter arrives and Granitor loads her unconscious partners along with her hostage. The chopper takes off with the heroes in pursuit. Flower Power is able to put up an energy bubble around Granitor. At the same time, the co-pilot jumps from his seat and pushes Granitor out of the helicopter and he falls with the bubble. Flower Power flies to the helicopter to make sure the hostage is ok while Valkyrie flies to save the co-pilot and the villainess.

The pilot look sat Flower Power as she enters the chopper – winks at her, and places a Red Fedora on his head. Valkyrie flies up to discover that the co-pilot doesn’t need her help at all – he is Agent Alpha.

The members of the Paragon Society handle the public relations fallout of the event while the Eclipse trio returns to the Oberon Building. The following day, Franklin Emerson calls with his thanks and questions if there is anything that he or his company can do for the heroes. He does not, however, offer any details on what the villains were trying to steal.



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