The Eclipse

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Surge scouts the main exit and sees that the AMEA forces are causing the Bio-Android army to retreat to the base – he then scouts the tunnel exit and discovers that the far side is empty – the defenders having apparently been defeated by another force with another spaceship. He also was seen by 4 large figures coming through the tunnel.

He warns the heroes that foes are coming and the Valkyrie and Messenger team up to block the tunnel entrance with the train while the rest prepare for another battle.

The train bursts away from the entrance in a huge explosion as seven bio-androids spill from the tunnel to attack the heroes. It stakes a brief time for the heroes to all see through the illusion and they find themselves in battle with Spyder, Black Panther, Silverback, and Headliner. They manage to capture Silverback and the Headliner, but the other two escape.

The Eclipse then decides to exit through tunnel – taking the prisoners to MEDUSA. Flower Power creates a box to carry the technological equipment, technicians, prisoners, the now unconscious 9 year-old Polynesian boy that is Aumakua, and the rest of her team. The Valkyrie uses gravity control to lessen the weight of the load and the Messenger flies the box through the tunnel.

Once in the open, the heroes see a large force of AMEA troops circling the area on what appear to be flying Segways. The Messenger is ordered to land by the AMEA – Flower Power tells him to continue on past the AMEA force to the MEDUSA HQ in Pacifico.
Once they arrive at the MEDUSA HQ, Agent Michaels wheels out to meet them. He is clearly afraid and panic stricken. He insists they return to Crimson immediately while reminding them that Crimson is very dangerous.

They return to the AMEA. Crimson is predictably very angry and insists that they hand over all prisoners and hardware. The AMEA forces install Neural Dampeners on all of the prisoners (even the apparently non-superpowered technicians) and loads them into a large transport. After he finishes screaming at Flower Power, Crimson insists that as team leader she come with him for debriefing. She agrees and the rest of the heroes return to the Oberon Building

The next morning Amber does not report for work.
Flower Power wakes up in a local hotel with no memory of her time with the AMEA. Aumakua is back to being an owl and hoots happily as she wakes up.

Worried about Amber, the heroes search her apartment. There is evidence that she left quickly, but no evidence of any foul play – the only clue that they find is a partial Center City newspaper clipping reporting on a murder at the waterfront. Further research at the library reveals the entire article, including a picture of several members of the Vanguard – including the heroine Astrid who looks just like Amber!

Photon Wave quickly contacts the Vanguard to see why Astrid would be undercover and infiltrating the Eclipse. Once White Star hears the basic details, she immediately teleports to the Oberon Building and fills the team in on the details of the activities of SWORD. It appears that Amber was not only a SWORD spy, but also a clone of the infamous Spinal Tap

Agent Michaels also pays them a visit. He takes them into their conference room, and using his special wheelchair, makes the area secure from listeners. He tells them that in the future, be exceedingly careful around the AMEA and Crimson in particular. They are a governmental body with little or no oversight – their activities makes the CIA look like a bunch of girl scouts. Furthermore, given the latitude with which he is able to work, Crimson is particularly aggressive… almost evil. Michaels knows that he in particular is a metahuman with significant mental abilities. Not all of the AMEA agents are metahuman, and not all of them are rotten… but enough are to be exceeding careful around them. As a final warning – he says that under no circumstances should any of the heroes ever find themselves alone with AMEA. Flower Power blushes.

The following day, the heroes are provided a replacement secretary by MEDUSA – Junior MEDUSA Agent Karen Pillach She goes to work immediately.

Later in the day, the heroes receive 3 simultaneous alerts

  • A Hostage crisis a few blocks away at a downtown office building
  • A Bank Robbery in the suburbs
  • An alert from San Francisco that a Giant is on a rampage in the downtown area

The heroes quickly split up to handle the triple threat.



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