Flower Power

Kate Updegrove


Telepathy (p)
Absorbtion (p): can tranform light into hit points (Max 3x Normal HP total)
Natural Weaponry (s)
Pet (s): Owl
Illusions (p): Solid Energy, can create Animated beings from light
Weakness: Diminished Senses: Bad night vision
Education: Botanist

Currently wearing the powered super-suit previously worn by Magnus


Leilani Mana Kawai was born to a native family of Kailua, Hawai’i. Her father was a park ranger for the island of O’Ahu and her mother was a kumu hula (teacher of hula dancing) at a local halau. Her maternal grandmother Noelani lived with the family and had a gift for healing (though Leilani attributed it to a magical power, Noelani would smile and call it experience).

Leilani had a destiny even before she was born. Grandmother Noelani had a dream about her future granddaughter – they were standing on a beach, and the grandmother noticed a rare hibiscus flower in the girl’s hair. She knew then that her granddaughter would be born with a special gift. Thus was the granddaughter named upon her birth – Leilani Mana Kawai, meaning a heavenly flower with psychic/spiritual energy by the water.

It became clear that Leilani was not a typical child. She showed an unusual ability to create illusions – though they did appear very solid or very long before dissipating. Her parents believed this was the extent of her abilities, and it was, until Leilani reached puberty and began “hearing voices.” Grandmother was the first to realize that Leilani was hearing the thoughts of those around her, and convinced her son-in-law that the family should move to a remote location until Leilani could control her new power. Her father used his influence to move the family to a caretaker’s house in Kailua Beach Park. The house was situated on a remote part of the beach and gave Leilani the solitude she needed to work on gaining control of her telepathy.

Leilani’s father was afraid she would be singled out for attacks if people didn’t understand her gifts. His solution was to enter her in martial arts classes. Her mother and grandmother encouraged her to spend as much time outdoors as possible hiking and surfing, but her terrible night vision limited her explorations to daylight hours, and eventually lead her to study botany at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. During her freshman year, Leilani’s parents were hit by a drunk driver. They did not survive the crash. Grief stricken, she went hiking in Kahana Valley State Park and encountered an injured pueo (a short-eared owl native to Hawai’i). She immediately took the injured bird to Grandmother Noelani who worked to repair its damaged wing. While she worked Noelani spoke of how the pueo are among the oldest physical manifestations of the Hawaiian family protectors. Perhaps he is here to protect you, she told Leilani. When the owl was healed, Leilani tried to set him free, but he would not leave her. She named him Aumakua or ‘guardian’.

Leilani and her grandmother continued to reside in the beach park after the death of her parents. In return, the park services “borrowed” her telepathy for special operations. By the time Leilani graduated with her undergraduate degree in Botany, Grandmother Noelani decided she was too old to live on a beach and she moved to a retirement community in Honolulu. Leilani moved into her parents’ room and decided to look for a roommate. She gave a posting to UH’s Residential Housing. As Leilani was planning to begin her PhD in Botany, she was interested in a person at a similar time in his/her life. They put her in contact with Lisha Marais who was a perfect fit after Leilani confessed to reading her mind and learning about Lisha’s own abilities.

The two roommates became good friends – Leilani taught Lisha how to surf, and they had many adventures together. The greatest adventure so far was the night a freak cyclone hit the island. Leilani had been experimenting with photosynthesis for part of her dissertation research. It was a carefully timed experiment, so she refused to leave her lab because of a storm. Lisha came to the lab to get Leilani to leave just as the worst of the storm hit. And even though lightning is not supposed to be common near the eye of a cyclone – a record number of strikes hit the lab building and the grounds surrounding it. The lab windows shattered just as the power was knocked out, leaving Leilani virtually blind due to her inability to see well in the dark and unable to find her friend. She broke several beakers trying to make her way over to where the emergency flashlight was stored. She didn’t know if it was her experiment spilling on the floor or a classmate’s, but Leilani slipped and fell into it losing consciousness.

When she woke up, she noticed that she was lying in a patch of sunlight that was streaming through the broken lab windows. It felt as if the light shining on her was being absorbed by her body, making her stronger. She was fine, but different. Using her telepathy, Leilani surveyed the damaged lab, searching for and finding Lisha who was also fine, but different.

Back at the beach house, the two friends started testing out their new abilities. Leilani found that she could absorb any light, and her ability to create illusions had evolved. She confided in Grandmother Noelani about her new abilities, and Noelani knew that her granddaughter had a very special future in store. She told Leilani not to be afraid if a new opportunity presented itself soon. So it wasn’t too great a surprise to Leilani when SevenEleven of MEDUSA came to recruit them to join Eclipse.

Flower Power

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