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Eskil Nikolaos Papandreou
“Nick” to most, “Nikos” to close friends and family.

Age: 24
Description: An athletic man of average height in his early to mid twenties. His appearance is striking combining classic Greek features and complexion with curly blonde hair and blue eyes.

Darkness Control (p)
Invulnerability (p)
Flight (p)
Wings (p)
Water Breathing (p)
Heightened Endurance (p)
Adaptation (p)
Heightened Attack (p)

Education: B.S. Biomechanical Engineering, Masters in Sports Medicine


Eskil was born in Stockholm, to a Sweedish national and a U.S. citizen of Greek descent. His early years were in Stockholm as his father finished up his international assignment and then brought the family back to the U.S. Part of each year was spent with relatives in Stockholm or Athens, giving him a chance to know his extended family and master the languages. Through the quirks of national laws he holds citizenship in each of the three countries. While an advantage at times it also poses a headache from a paperwork perspective with each country being able to lay claim to him. To look at he is clearly Greek in features and complexion though striking with blonde hair and blue eyes.

From an early age “Nick” excelled at what he did especially where raw physical talent could be brought to bear. As he progressed through childhood and into his teenage years it became clear to him that there was more to him than the others. He outran others without effort, was never winded and was easily the strongest of the kids he encountered. A boating accident in the Mediterranean where he got hit by a speedboat and floated unconscious for several minutes revealed his ability to breathe underwater and a natural resistance to injury.

As he entered high school though the most dramatic of the changes occurred – wings began to sprout from his ankles and his strength and endurance increased dramatically. Unwilling to reveal these changes to others, he dropped out of sports and focused on other activities. It was just as well as with his greater abilities the challenge of playing was gone and sports became boring. Only his parents and sister were aware of the changes.

He discovered a knack for sleight of hand that made him a fair magician. He was able to lift things off his friends and got very adept at planting things on other people. One of his most impressive stunts was weaving a series of flowers into a girl’s braid during class without anyone noticing. He went to Johns Hopkins for Biomechanical Engineering. Games and especially games of chance reawakened the thrill of the challenge and he became quite an accomplished gambler winning several World Series of Poker events during college providing a nice nest egg for then and for later.

Continuing his studies in Biomechanics led him to the Sports Medicine program at USC. While there he was at ground zero for a dimensional wormhole that opened in the hall he was in. Knocked flat by a wall that was blown over, he stood up, dusted himself off and discovered Barry watching him. In the aftermath of the accident he discovered a measure of control over darkness able to shape it to his will. The dimensional accident caught the attention of the High Rollers who discovered Nick and Barry as part of their investigation. Both were recruited for Eclipse after graduation. Around serving as a member of Eclipse he has established a career as a personal trainer.

Throughout his life he has had dreams of the Greek gods. The tales of the gods and heroes were common bedtime fare as well as served as the impetus for various trips exploring Greece. His appearance and gifts had his relatives and others in Greece making comparisons to the gods of old. Most often this was to Apollo, but the later emergence of his wings more often brought Hermes to mind instead. These similarities increased with his knack with gambling and sleight of hand though it is hard to say whether pursuing those skills was because of an innate connection to Hermes or a self-fulfilling prophesy. Only a few know of his abilities including his parents, sister and a couple of ex-girlfriends he is still on good terms with. The wings have been somewhat hard to hide making social outings and working out difficult at times, especially as he is still something of a fitness nut. His sister has also been graced with abilities as well making for a fairly close bond between the two of them despite the geographic distance.

When he decided to take up the responsibilities of a superhero, Hermes seemed like a natural model to build upon. Considering it too pretentious to claim to be a god he took the name The Messenger instead, but has styled himself after Hermes nonetheless, down to carrying the golden cadecus he uses as a weapon.

Family details
Mother: Annalie Bergstrom (Swedish national from Stockholm) – Professional Musician, Mathematician and Model. Currently employed with the Met in NYC.
Paternal Grandfather: Hector Papandreou was born in Greece and left Greece during the Greek Civil War. He has ensured that the family maintains their Greek citizenship.
Father: Andreas Papandreou was born in the U.S. and registered as a Greek citizen. Andreas married Annalie Bergstrom a Swedish national from Stolkholm while on assignment in Sweden. Andreas is a businessman working for a multinational.
Sister: Hanna Papandreou (Age 21)


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