Albert Keer

Albert Keer, a 29-year veteran of the Charleston Bureau of Police was promoted to Captain of the Charleston Police Department on October 31, 2006.

Prior to being named Captain, he served as the Assistant Chief of Investigations, the Assistant Chief of Administration, the Commander of Narcotics, and has also served as a Sergeant in Narcotics, a Sergeant in the Traffic Division, and a Sergeant at Zone 1. In addition, he has served as a patrol officer at Zone 6, K-9 officer, motorcycle officer, and a plainclothes investigator. He has received awards and commendations for his service and has been recognized with a Meritorious Service Award.

He serves as the primary police liason for Recon and has communicated with the Vanguard whenever he has had difficulties with Recon.

Since reporting recent difficulties with RECON in dealing with a string of high-tech robberies, Captain Keer had been reported missing.

The Captain had indeed been kidnapped by Recon. The members of the Vanguard allowed themselves to fall into Recon’s ambush in order to determine the location of the Captain. They defeated Recon in battle and have returned Captain Keer to freedom.

Captain Keer is once again back at duty.

Albert Keer

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