bank robberies

A series of bank robberies has occurred over the last week in August. The robberies were committed by a group of three men dressed in various types of battle armor.

The group experienced success for a time splitting up and hitting three banks simultaneously. They successfully knoocked over 6 banks following this plan. On their third attempt they encountered members of the Vanguard.

The first identified himself as Steele – he fought Grey Mist, White Star, and the Unknown Soldier. When they began to get the upper hand, he teleported away.

The second identified himself as Curveball. He battled with Longhorn “Tex” and Tank. He successfully defeated the heroes and escaped with the loot.

The third called himself SAM. He battled Astrid and Flame and was captured. He was brought to prison and was identified as Lt. Colonel Harwood Heydon (USMC). Heydon was out on bail within hours of his arrest. He has since disappeared from sight.

bank robberies

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