Black Diamond

The Black Diamond is a Charleston, S.C. based supervillain. He utilizes a ski-based theme and is considered to be inept.

He has been captured in Charleston by Recon. He has been arrested and is being held on charges of armed robbery. BD maintains his innocence and in fact accuses the members of Recon of being guilty of the crimes for which he is accused as well as of manufacturing the evidence against him.

Black Diamond had video evidence that Recon was in fact still engaged in criminal activity. He delivered the proof to Captain Keer who was then promptly kidnapped and rescued by the Vanguard.

Black Diamond is currently a resident of the South Carolina Metahuman Incarceration Facility

He has however been proven innocent of the crimes for which he has been imprisoned and has been released. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Known Powers:

  • Flight Device (skis)
  • Armored Ski-Suit
  • Uses his ski poles as weapons

Black Diamond

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