Charles Fairwell

Bishop Fairwell is a stern, conservative churchman. He is also resolutely anti-hero. He takes the stance that superheroes do more damage to the community than they prevent – through the actual battles that they participate in and as a lightning rod for supercriminals who want the challenge.

He has a weekly radio show which he uses as a pulpit to denounce heroes in general (and the Vanguard specifically)

Following the Vanguard’s seven month absence inside the fog, Bishop Fairwell seized the opportunity to further discredit the heroes and get them evicted from Center City. He currently leads a group of civilains in patrolling the streets.

During several non-violent encounters, he has conficed several supervillains including Strahlung, Bastion, Wisp, and Freddy to surrender. Furthermore, after his assumption of confronting supervillains, Doctor DNA has disappeared from the city.

The Bishop has been accused by the Unknown Soldier of being a mind controller.

He has been instrumental in starting up a civilian based super-group call the Greater Good to assist in maintaining order in Center City

Charles Fairwell

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