Known Powers:

  • Flame Power A
  • Non-Corporealness

“Freddy” was a top lieutenant in the Blood Boards. He participated in the mayhem at the Center City Mall when the Boards first encountered the Vanguard.

He also participated in the payroll robbery where all of his compatriots gained the powered armor, flying skateboards, and Anti-Astrid Guns. He is the only member of the Boards to still be on the loose following that encounter.

It is unknown where his powers come from

In the winter of 2008, Freddy joined forces with Steele to break SAM out of prison. The three then joined forces to start a crime spree though Center City. During this time, the trio encountered Bishop Fairwell. The Bishop was able to convince Freddy to turn himself in. Freddy is now housed in the New Jersey State Penitentiary


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