The Fuzzy People are the victims of Doctor DNA. They are ordinary citizens that have been exposed to DNA’s genetic manipulation. Once exposed, their bodies go into a comatose-like (fuzzy) state for a period of 1-4 weeks. When they emerge from the fuzzy state, they manifest metahuman abilities in an uncontrollable fashion. It takes between 1-3 weeks for the victims to gain a modicom of control over their powers.

Once they manifest their powers, they are subject to the mental control of DNA. To date, it appears that DNA has to be in close proximity of his victims in order to exert his mental control.

Victims to Date


Kelly has accepted a role with the new reavers

Thomas has resumed his ‘normal’ life

Chad shrunk out of sight following the manifestation of his shrinking power. He has not been seen since.

Marie disappeared from her prison cell during the most recent ‘fuzzy-uprising’ led by Doctor DNA. The only clue in the cell was a small pile of ash. Doctor Delane (DNA) was also found in the cell.

The following Fuzzies escaped during the jailbreak attempt:

  • Mary
  • Tony
  • Dave
  • Mark
  • Sid
  • Mackenzie
  • Kevin
  • Kirt
  • Calvin
  • Amos

In October of 2008, Doctor DNA and the at large fuzzies staged an attack on Cadecus and made off with the Gene Sequencer before disappearing from the area.

In early 2009, they reappeared in Center City committing a wide range of criminal attacks. The fuzzies appear to be more stable and proficient in the use of their abilities. It is also reported that several of the fuzzies exhibited abilities that they had not previously shown during their hospitalization.

Following an encounter with Bishop Fairwell, Doctor DNA and the fuzzies disappeared from sight.

Several of the fuzzies have reappeared in New York City and fought with the Vanguard at La Guardia airport as costumed villains. Sid, Tony, and Kirt were captured and Kevin was killed. Mary and Mackenzie escaped.

The following Fuzzies were being held in detention following the jailbreak attempt, but have since been transferred to the New Jersey State Penitentiary following the rise of anti-hero sentiment in Center City.

  • Gavin
  • Hal
  • Spencer
  • Veronica
  • Vanessa
  • Dante
  • Antonio


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