Going up a level

Going up a level gains the hero several advantages.

First, the character gets the combat bonuses based on the ‘level to level’ chart

Secondly, the character gains 2 additional Character Points to spend.

Character Points can be spent on the following options:
  • weight: Plus or Minus 25 lbs.
  • Statistic: +1 to the stat of choice
  • Attack Bonus: +1 bonus to hit with a specific attack/weapon
  • Damage Bonus: +1 damage with a specific attack/weapon
  • Defense Bonus: -1 to be hit when aware of an attack
  • Skills: specific ‘normal’ ability or education – in order to gain a skill in-game, the player must have spent time, energy, or money in character attempting to learn the skill. For example, if the character has spent no time in game learning how to repair cars, they cannot become a Mechanic just because they went up a level. Conversely, a character that has spent time working part-time at the repair shop could become a mechanic.

Going up a level

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