Palindrome is assumed to be a criminal mastermind that has managed to avoid identification. To date, he has not been seen by any law enforcement operative. His identity is a mystery.

Palindrome is known for his taunting of superheroes. His typical method of operation is to send his targets a clue in the form of a palindrome. This clue leads his targets to a confrontation with some agent or agents of Palindrome. In the event that the heroes do not solve the clue, Palindrome’s agent(s) commence their attack causing significant property damage and occassional loss of life – the facts of which are immediately leaked to the press.

Palindrome’s attacks appear to be random – with no benefit other than the intended humiliation of superheroes.

Palindrome most recent targets are the heroes of the Eclipse in Pacifico.

It is known that he is represented by the lawfirm of Reichel and Holmsen

Palindromes used by the villain

  • Oozy Rat in a Sanitary Zoo
  • Senile Felines
  • O Geronimo no minor ego


The Eclipse Neilg