Spyder is one of a trio (with Wildcat and The Oracle) that had paid the Reavers to kidnap Astrid

He was captured in the Bread Factory where the Vanguard rescued Astrid.

He is currently incarcerated in the New York prison system.

Spyder is a well-known mercenary and has been active across the united States over the past 8 years. He is a young (late 20’s) man with a powerfully built physique. He is said to have spider-powers

More recently, Spyder was captured by the Vanguard in New York City with a number of SWORD operatives while attempting to kidnap Astrid again. He escaped from Vanguard custody by overpowering the Cleaner and is currently at large.

Known Powers Include:

  • Wall Walking
  • Poison touch
  • Extremely well trained martial artist.
  • Extremely Agile


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