In 1962 at the age of 29, Stanislaw manifested his latent Psychic Abilities. He was active as an independent hero through 1989 where he retired from active duty at age 58.

During the course of his career, Stanislaw met and fell in love with the superbeing Devea – another psychic. They remain together through today.

In 1996, Stanislaw was drawn into a conflict between the Sentinals and an unknown entity bent on the destruction of Washington DC. During the confrontation, Stanislaw was bathed in an alien energy. When he emerged, he no longer had the body of a 65 year-old man. He instead appears to be a 16 year old boy. He maintains all of his memories and abilities, but has the body, endurance, and agility of a teenager.

He currently resides in a Georgetown townhouse with Devea.

He currently has custody of the teen villain Soundwave at the request of the Vanguard.

Following the eviction of the Vanguard through the efforts of Bishop Fairwell, Stanislaw felt that the citizens fo Center City weren’t having their interests looked after, so he came out of retirement. He was attacked by a mob of civilians. He currently is in a coma in the George Washington University Hospital.


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