Superhero groups

There are seven sanctioned superhero groups operating under a direct charter granted by the US Government under the jurisdiction of MEDUSA. Each sanctioned group bears the responsibility of investigating and resolving any paranormal or metahuman phenomenon that occurs within their official jurisdiction. They also have the responsibility of supervising the activities of other non-sanctioned groups operating within their sphere of responsibility.

The 7 sanctioned groups include:

  • The Vanguard: The Vanguard were formerly based in Center City Maryland and have recently moved to New York City. They are responsible for the East Coast.
  • Multi Forces: Multi Forces is based in Detroit Michigan and is responsible for the Midwest.
  • The Crusaders: The Crusaders are based in Jackson Mississippi and are responsible for the Deep South.
  • The Texas Rangers: The Texas Rangers are based in Houston Texas and are responsible for the state of Texas. The Rangers are a continuation of the law enforcement branch of the same name and members are officially law-enforment officials as opposed to Vigilante Superheroes
  • The High Rollers: The High Rollers are based in Las Vegas Nevada and are responsible for the Southwest.
  • The Starbucks: The Starbucks are based in Seattle Washington and are responsible for the Northwest. And yes, the name of the group is indeed based on a corporate sponsorship.
  • The Badlands: The Badlands are based in Pierre South Dakota and are responsible for the Plain States.
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