Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers played an effective, valiant, and honorable role throughout the early troubled years of Texas. The Ranger Service has differed in organization and policy under varying conditions, demands for service, and state administrations, and it has not been of entirely unbroken continuity. However, it has existed almost continuously from the year of colonization to the present.

On August 10, 1935, when the Texas Legislature created the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers and the Texas Highway Patrol became members of this agency, with statewide law enforcement jurisdiction. The true modern-day Ranger came into being on September 1, 1935.

The Texas Rangers are the oldest law enforcement organization on the North American continent with statewide jurisdiction.

In 1982, in a response to the drastic increase in the metahuman population, The Rangers began actively recruiting metahuman agents to join their ranks.

In 1990, MEDUSA approached the Texas Legislature about sanctioning the metahuman agents of the Rangers into an official government-sponsored team. Texas refused to allow their agents to be given any official jurisdiction outside of the boundaries of Texas. MEDUSA agreed and the Texas Rangers became the first government sponsored superhero group.


  • Lone Star: the leader of the Rangers
  • Pecos Bill
  • Rio Grande
  • The Alamo
  • Spindletop
  • Wrangler
  • Big Tex
  • The Republic
  • Widowmaker
  • Windstorm

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Texas Rangers

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