The Vanguard is the Government Sanctioned Superhero group responsible for the territory including the East Coast. Their base is located in New York City following their eviction from Center City. Their current headquarters is known as the Aerie.

The Vanguard is the second superhero group to be responsible for this territory. Prior to 2009, the Sentinals were the resident team.


The original roster of the Vanguard were gathered together by Artis Shannon of MEDUSA in August of 2009. They included:

Enerjon and the Librarian were added to the roster shortly after the team’s first news conference.

Pariah was brought in as an official MEDUSA observer.

Following the Reaver debacle in which Astrid was kidnapped, MEDUSA opted to replace the old Reaver group with members of the Vanguard team. The Librarian and Longhorn Tex moved to Harrisburg PA along with Pariah (as an official observer).

White Star, while still an official member of the team, has concentrated more on solo work against street-level crime. She continues to assist the Vanguard when asked.

Flame and Tank have not joined the team following their move to NYC and their current whereabouts are unknown. New heroes MagLev, Becca, the Bat (from Liberty Force), and Gonzo have joined the team.

The Current Roster of the Vanguard includes:

  • Amaya Kibatsu
  • Astrid
  • The Bat
  • Enerjon
  • Gonzo
  • Grey Mist
  • MagLev
  • Tree Brother
  • The Unknown Soldier
  • White Star
  • Xue Zen

Subordinate Groups

  • The group is exploring some kind of partnership with Guf in Boston
  • Recon: Charleston South Carolina had been acting as a “hero group” but has been revealed to still be acting as a villain group. The entire roster of Recon has been jailed in South Carolina with the exception of Parasite who managed to escape (but has since been recaptured).

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Organizations active Around Center City

  • Cadecus – Washington DC based technological think-tank headed by the retired superhero the Marksman.
  • GEMINI – Greater Engineering Mechanics and Innovation in the Name of Invention: a private think-tank that deals in ‘bleeding-edge’ technology. GEMINI has historically often found itself the target of espionage and super-powered attacks
  • MEDUSA – Metahuman Enforcement Department, United States of America
  • The Paragon Society

Villain Groups Encountered by the Heroes

Other Villains Encountered by the Heroes

Other Prominent NPC’s Met by the Vanguard


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