Aumakua (or “Guardian”) is a pueo (a short-eared owl native to Hawaii) and is the pet/companion of the hero Flower Power.

The injured Aumakua was found by Flower Power while hiking in Kahana Valley State Park following the deaths of her parents. She immediately took the injured bird to Grandmother Noelani who worked to repair its damaged wing.

While she worked Noelani spoke of how the pueo are among the oldest physical manifestations of the Hawaiian family protectors. When the owl was healed, Flower Power tried to set him free, but he would not leave her.

The only ability that Aumakua has demonstrated to this point occurred during a battle with Doctor Apocalypse. When Flower Power was faced with imminent defeat and the rest of her companions were incapacitated by the Doctor, Aumakua blazed with a blinding flash and the entire Eclipse roster fully healed.

Following the completion of the battle, Flower Power discovered that Aumakua had transformed into a small (3 year-old) Polynesian boy laying unconscious in the rubble. Overnight, the boy transformed back into a pueo.


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