The Eclipse is a Government Sanctioned Superhero group under the jurisdiction of the High Rollers. They are responsible for territory along the West Coast of the United States. They are based in Pacifico.


Their MEDUSA liason is Agent Kyle Michaels.
Their Pacifico PD liason is Sgt. Tim Lincoln.
Their GEMINI liason is Dr. Eric Daniels.

Original Membership

The original roster of the Eclipse were gathered together by SevenEleven of MEDUSA in October of 2012. They included:

An Uncomfortable Cowboy

Accustomed to old-style country life Longhorn Tex finds himself increasingly uncomfortable in the modern metropolis and opts to spend most of his time patrolling in the countryside outside of Pacifico. He rarely makes use of the teams headquarters in the city.

Tragedy Strikes

During a battle with Doctor Apocalypse’s minion Fracture, the White Fist was killed.
He has been replaced on the roster with the new hero FireBug

During the same confrontation, the warehouse headquarters of the team was also destroyed. They currently operate out of the penthouse suites of the Oberon Building in downtown Pacifico. These state of the art lodgings have been provided through the generosity and gratitude of Lee Zhu Pinyin

An Unexpected Defection

Following a battle with FORCE at the CDR Ranch, Firebug defected from the group to join with the cultists.

A new hero named Surge has at least temporarily joined forces with the team.


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